Festivals NT – a new era for sepak takraw

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Although it appears the Arafura Games are now a thing of the past, sepak takraw in the territory has an exciting future!

The Australian Sepak Takraw Association welcomes the Northern Territory Government's announcement yesterday introducing an annual "Festivals NT" program. This heralds an integrated way to enable sports development in the context of community, cultural and business engagement, and most of all in partnership with our Asian neighbours.

In its own development over years since the last Arafura Games the Association has created a fresh start in working toward similar goals, planning innovative contemporary ways to establish sepak takraw in the Territory and linking with our international partners in the 32 sepak takraw playing countries. We have been building on the legacy of 20 years of Arafura Games sepak takraw events in Darwin, and strengthening official and playing relationships with the sepak takraw playing countries across Asia.

The Association welcomes an integrated festival program including sporting events, and looks forward to working with the Northern Territory government and our partners to make it happen.

You can read the Northern Territory Government's Media Release here: http://newsroom.nt.gov.au/mediaRelease/9504

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