Introducing… Takrawesome!

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The Australian Sepak Takraw Association is proud to announce that its preferred supplier of sepak takraw equipment, including balls, shoes, and nets is Takrawesome

Takrawesome is a new Australian owned and operated sepak takraw equipment shop and news blog. As the Australian Sepak Takraw Association’s preferred supplier, a percentage of all Takrawesome’s sales will be donated to the association to support sepak takraw in Australia. By buying equipment from Takrawesome you’re also supporting Australian sepak takraw!

The association has for a long time wanted to create an online shop to simplify ordering equipment, but doing so is very time consuming and costly and other projects have taken priority. We believe that this agreement with Takrawesome is a great solution as it’s now easier for you to place an order for yourself, your friends, or your school/club. Ultimately this makes the sport more accessible and more people can start playing!

So check out Takrawesome’s online shop – and grab yourself a ball, a pair of Nanyangs or even a new keyring and support Australian takraw!

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