The Australian Sepak Takraw Association grew out of the former Northern Territory Sepak Takraw Association, and reflects the emerging strength of the Northern Territory as the Australian base for international sepak takraw.

The Northern Territory has long had a unique role in international sepak takraw in parallel with the biennial Arafura Games since 1991.  Recently this has been more sustained – players from the Northern Territory have represented Australia alongside groups of players from Brisbane, Cairns, and Melborune in international events, including attending the prestigious Kings Cup tournament in Thailand most years since 2010 through to 2018. Also competing in the first ISTAF Sepak Takraw World Cup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in July 2011.

The Association is steadily helping to build the capability of players to compete internationally at elite levels, and the Association continues linking with players and organisations around Australia to field the best possible teams. Some Territory based sepak takraw players previously lived in Thailand to train with some of the world’s best players. These intentional experiences have opened up many doors for up and coming players in Australia to experience world class sepak takraw overseas.

At the grassroots level the association has also been working with players in Queensland and Victoria by helping players and community leaders liaise with local councils and government to enable players access to facilities and gradually raise the profile of the sport. Ultimately the association wants to assist in establishing player groups in all parts of Australia such that there is a healthy Australian sepak takraw community with training and competition available at all ages and levels of experience.