2011 ISTAF Sepak Takraw World Cup – wrap up

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The 1st ISTAF Sepak Takraw World Cup has been run and won, and members of the Australian squad are now looking forward to an intensive training program in Thailand in the lead up to the prestigious 26th King’s Cup.

After arriving in Kuala Lumpur on the 19th of July, the Australian Team discovered they were in a tough group and had some difficult matches ahead of them against Japan, Brunei and Cambodia. Australia suffered disappointing losses on the opening days to both Japan and Brunei, and fought hard against Cambodia but couldn’t make it past the first round. Under the new ISTAF world ranking system Australia is ranked 23rd in the world – although the team is confident they can make it into the top 20 teams in the world before the end of the year.

Game scores:

Australia vs. Brunei Australia vs. Japan Australia vs. Cambodia
2 – 15 4 – 15 11 – 15
2 – 15 8 – 15 7 – 15
4 – 15 0 – 15

(Match against Cambodia best of 3 sets)

Check out sepaktakraw.org for updates on International Sepak Takraw Tournaments and the upcoming Super Series

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