Australia’s 2014 King’s Cup Team!

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The Australian Sepak Takraw Association has submitted its entry for the 29th King’s Cup World Sepak Takraw Championship to be held in Bangkok, Thailand between the 4th and 10th of August, 2014. The Association will enter both the Men’s Regu competition and the Men’s Doubles competition.

The national team this year features two new players – Tou Moua Yang of Melbourne and Jesse Xiong of Brisbane who will join previous national team representatives Alex Newman and Daniel Ellen-Barwell – both from Darwin. The squad of four will be joined by ASTA Vice-President Jude Ellen. The President of ASTA, Heather D’Antoine is also hoping to join the squad in Thailand.

Players and position:
Alex Newman (feeder)
Daniel Ellen-Barwell (spiker)
Jesse Xiong (spiker)
Tou Mou Yang (server)

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