King’s Cup 2015 Team Announced!

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The Australian team for the 2015 King’s Cup World Sepak Takraw Championships has been confirmed and entered into the annual world championship which is to be held in Bangkok, Thailand between the 4th and 10th of May this year.

We’re sending a squad of 10 players, and for the first time ever Australia will enter all four events at King’s Cup – Regu, Doubles, Hoop, and Team Event.


From Brisbane: Veng Thao, Pheng Thao, Jesse Xiong, and Nhia Xiong
From Cairns: Nee Lor and Ku Lor
From Darwin: Alex Newman (captain), Daniel Ellen-Barwell, and Garry Condoseres
From Melbourne: Tou Moua Yang

This is year of firsts for the Australian national men’s team as this is the first year we’ll be entering all four events, and the first year we’ve had players from Cairns join the team. Six of the players in the team have previously represented Australia, whilst four of the players are new to international competition.We hope by sending such an ambitious squad that we can encourage more people in Australia to support and participate in the sport of sepak takraw.

As the entire team is still self funded we are conducting a crowd funding campaign to raise money for the team to help us offset the costs of flights. If you can spare a few dollars to help the team out for this competition we would be most appreciative! We are also seeking sponsorship for the team, this can either be done via our crowdfunding campaign or contact us directly at if you’re interested in a commercial proposition for our team.

Click here to support the team by donating on Pozible!


Our new website!

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Our old website didn’t display too well on mobiles or tablets so we finally managed to throw together this new one, we’re hoping to bring you more regular updates now that it’s easier to manage! You can still find most of our old posts and pages transferred across to this new one so scroll down and check out some of the older stories.

We’d like to hear any feedback, if you think the design makes for it a bit too tricky to read, or could be improved in a few ways then please do let us know your suggestions.

More updates to come soon!

Calling all Australian sepak takraw players!

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The Australian Sepak Takraw Association has released it’s plan for the national sepak takraw team in 2015. ASTA is intending to five events in 2015 including:

– A training camp in Thailand (Around March 2015)
– ISTAF Super Series Challenger event in Singapore (1st – 3rd May 2015)
– ISTAF World Cup in Bangkok, Thailand (6th – 10th May 2015)
– King’s Cup in Bangkok, Thailand (Around August)
– An international event held locally in Darwin, Australia (TBA – Around October)

It’s going to be a big year for sepak takraw, and some of these events will be all-expenses-paid for the players (thanks to the organisers!) so ASTA wants to get more organised when it comes to selecting a team, training our players, and preparing for these events. If you’re an Australian citizen or permanent resident and you are interested in playing for the national team, have a read of the 2015 Plan (attached in pdf form) and send an email to as soon as possible.

 (click the icon to download the PDF!)

Australia’s 2014 King’s Cup Team!

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The Australian Sepak Takraw Association has submitted its entry for the 29th King’s Cup World Sepak Takraw Championship to be held in Bangkok, Thailand between the 4th and 10th of August, 2014. The Association will enter both the Men’s Regu competition and the Men’s Doubles competition.

The national team this year features two new players – Tou Moua Yang of Melbourne and Jesse Xiong of Brisbane who will join previous national team representatives Alex Newman and Daniel Ellen-Barwell – both from Darwin. The squad of four will be joined by ASTA Vice-President Jude Ellen. The President of ASTA, Heather D’Antoine is also hoping to join the squad in Thailand.

Players and position:
Alex Newman (feeder)
Daniel Ellen-Barwell (spiker)
Jesse Xiong (spiker)
Tou Mou Yang (server)