Australia’s 2014 King’s Cup Team!

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The Australian Sepak Takraw Association has submitted its entry for the 29th King’s Cup World Sepak Takraw Championship to be held in Bangkok, Thailand between the 4th and 10th of August, 2014. The Association will enter both the Men’s Regu competition and the Men’s Doubles competition.

The national team this year features two new players – Tou Moua Yang of Melbourne and Jesse Xiong of Brisbane who will join previous national team representatives Alex Newman and Daniel Ellen-Barwell – both from Darwin. The squad of four will be joined by ASTA Vice-President Jude Ellen. The President of ASTA, Heather D’Antoine is also hoping to join the squad in Thailand.

Players and position:
Alex Newman (feeder)
Daniel Ellen-Barwell (spiker)
Jesse Xiong (spiker)
Tou Mou Yang (server)

Festivals NT – a new era for sepak takraw

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Although it appears the Arafura Games are now a thing of the past, sepak takraw in the territory has an exciting future!

The Australian Sepak Takraw Association welcomes the Northern Territory Government's announcement yesterday introducing an annual "Festivals NT" program. This heralds an integrated way to enable sports development in the context of community, cultural and business engagement, and most of all in partnership with our Asian neighbours.

In its own development over years since the last Arafura Games the Association has created a fresh start in working toward similar goals, planning innovative contemporary ways to establish sepak takraw in the Territory and linking with our international partners in the 32 sepak takraw playing countries. We have been building on the legacy of 20 years of Arafura Games sepak takraw events in Darwin, and strengthening official and playing relationships with the sepak takraw playing countries across Asia.

The Association welcomes an integrated festival program including sporting events, and looks forward to working with the Northern Territory government and our partners to make it happen.

You can read the Northern Territory Government's Media Release here:

Introducing… Takrawesome!

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The Australian Sepak Takraw Association is proud to announce that its preferred supplier of sepak takraw equipment, including balls, shoes, and nets is Takrawesome

Takrawesome is a new Australian owned and operated sepak takraw equipment shop and news blog. As the Australian Sepak Takraw Association’s preferred supplier, a percentage of all Takrawesome’s sales will be donated to the association to support sepak takraw in Australia. By buying equipment from Takrawesome you’re also supporting Australian sepak takraw!

The association has for a long time wanted to create an online shop to simplify ordering equipment, but doing so is very time consuming and costly and other projects have taken priority. We believe that this agreement with Takrawesome is a great solution as it’s now easier for you to place an order for yourself, your friends, or your school/club. Ultimately this makes the sport more accessible and more people can start playing!

So check out Takrawesome’s online shop – and grab yourself a ball, a pair of Nanyangs or even a new keyring and support Australian takraw!

Melbourne Easter Sepak Takraw Competition

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The Melbourne Easter Sepak Takraw competition was a great success! It was organised by the Hmong Melbourne Youth Society and supported by us, the Australian Sepak Takraw Association. There were 9 teams competing, with teams from Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Tasmania. There was a wide range of skill levels, but overall it was a very friendly competition where most players were just happy to meet and play with other sepak takraw players.

The Satuday consisted of group stages and a whopping 16 matches of takraw were played that day. On the Sunday the semi-finals, battle for third, and the grand final were held. In the end experience reigned and the older more experienced players defeated the more explosive and agile younger players.

The results were:

  1. Brisbane A
  2. Perth
  3. AKO (a local Melbourne team)

It was great to get a bunch of players from all over Australia together to meet and play, which is no easy task! We hope that next year the event continues and is bigger and better, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

We managed to get some photos and footage of the event. All of our photos are on facebook, but don’t worry, you don’t need an account to see them! Click here to see our photos 

Below is a quick highlights video from day one of the competition. Enjoy!